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Mannington, WV
An Old Town & New Friends

Mannington is a proud mountain town with an extraordinarily rich history that began with some of the earliest exploration and settlement of north-central West Virginia. In the late 1800s, Mannington became the center of a major coal boom that lasted well into the early part of the 20th Century. Some of our mines are still in operation today.

Back in the day, local “robber barons” accumulated riches from the earth that most of us can only imagine. But now we’re in the midst of a new boom in oil and gas production. And we’re looking forward to a bright and shining future for all.

The soil beneath us still holds large energy reserves, and the land we walk upon remains astoundingly beautiful. We continue to live surrounded by the West Virginia hills, “how majestic and how grand; their summits bathed in glory like our Prince Immanuel’s land.” [from a WV state song]

Mannington Main Street, Inc.

As a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Mannington Main Street, Inc. is working hard to boost our downtown business community, to promote greater educational opportunities for our residents, and to generate participation in exciting local events.

Mannington Main Street, Inc. sees the downtown as a focal point of life and community pride. Main Street works to inspire an appreciation of our rich heritage and our warm family-oriented community. We have the potential for a vibrant and prosperous business district, surrounded by historic and architecturally interesting neighborhoods.

Living in a warm and welcoming mountain town, we know how truly fortunate we are. Come visit us. Discover our colorful past, experience our neighborliness, and find out why we’re so proud to call Mannington our home.



Visit us, step back, relax and see.

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